Georgios Fotopoulos

Email: gfotop@uop.gr

Department of Economics
School of Management and Economics
University of Peloponnese
Tripolis Campus, 22100, Greece

London School of Economics and Political Science: Ph.D. (1998)
Thesis title: “The determinants of firm entry and exit into Greek manufacturing industries: sectoral, temporal and spatial variation
The University of Reading: M.Sc. in Regional Science (1993)
(Urban Economics, Regional Economics, Techniques of Spatial Analysis, Case Studies in Regional Science)
University of Athens, Department of Economics: B.Sc. in Economics (1991)

Entrepreneurship (determinants and effects at the individual, sectoral, and regional level, Small Business, Economic Geography & Regional Science, Applied Industrial Economics. His approach adopts quantitative research methodologies on the aforementioned broad theme

Google Scholar Profile:  https://scholar.google.gr/citations?user=k-FdzoQAAAAJ&hl=el&oi=ao



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FT-50 https://www.ft.com/content/3405a512-5cbb-11e1-8f1f-00144feabdc0

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