Each semester includes at least thirteen (13) weeks of classes and at least two (2) weeks for exams.

Fall Semester: 

The Fall Semester starts in the beginning of October.

Public holidays during the fall semester are:

  • October 28 (celebration of the day when Greece refused to accept the Italian ultimatum in 1940 during WWII)
  • November 17 (celebration of the 1973 student unrest in Athens Polytechnic during the period of dictatorship in Greece) 
  • December 24 to January 6 (Christmas Holidays)
  • January 30 (celebration of the Three Hierarchs – patron saints of education)

Spring Semester:

Spring Semester starts in the beginning of February.

Public holidays during the spring semester are:

  • Monday of Lent (the beginning of the Great Lent before Easter)
  • March 25 (celebration of the Greek Independence Day)
  • The Holy Week and the Bright Week (Easter vacation)
  • May 1 (Labour Day)
  • Student elections day and the day after (determined by the student unions)

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