Internship in the Department of Economics offers students the opportunity to work for three (3) months in a post related to their field of study. Students are employed on a temporary basis in firms, organizations and banks in the private or public sector, in order to prepare themselves for the transition to the labour market.

During the internship, the University of Peloponnese provides students with national health insurance and after the successful completion of the internship period they receive payment. Students who attend the 3rd or 4th year of their studies and apply for the first time are eligible for internship. The main criteria for student selection are average grade in all modules, year of study, number of failed modules and an interview, which is compulsory for all candidates.

After the interviews and the evaluation process of all applications, the preliminary results are announced on the webpage of the Department Internship Office and the Department website with detailed information about the score of each candidate. Students can file an objection to the Department Secretariat within five (5) days after the announcement of the temporary results. After the assessment of all objections, if there are any, and the validation of the respective decision, the Objections Committee, which is composed of three (3) members, announces the final results of the candidates who have succeeded on the Department Internship Office webpage and the Department website.

Internship is a learning activity which is included in the programme of studies of the Department of Economics and corresponds to six (6) ECTS credits. The Academic Internship Coordinator of the Department for the academic year 2017-2018 is the Assistant Professor Athina Lazakidou (e-mail: For more information about the internship programme in the University of Peloponnese, please check the webpage of the University Internship Office ( and the Department Internship Office (

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