Teaching members of Staff


The Department Personnel consists of:

  • The tenured/tenure-track Teaching and Research members of staff (Greek acronym DEP): Academic members have Ph.D. degrees and they belong to three categories in descending order: Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors. In addition to the tenure track/tenured members, there are also visiting academic members with teaching responsibilities, whose appointments are governed under the provisions of the Presidential Decree 407/80 (Adjunct Assistant Professors).
  • The Special Teaching Staff (Greek acronym EEP): A teaching member of staff that supports education according to the specific needs of the Department.
  • The Laboratory Teaching Staff (Greek acronym EDIP): The members of this category perform laboratory and applied educational duties with laboratory and clinical (when applicable) exercises in all fields of economics supported by the Department.
  • The Administrative Staff including public sector employees of all ranks.




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