According to the Presidential Decree No 118, "the Department of Economic Sciences has as mission a) to cultivate and promote the knowledge in sectors that are related to the economic theory and policy, b) to provide students with the essential supplies that ensure their even training for scientific and professional career, c) to organise postgraduate modules that lead to the training of scientists with specialised knowledge in individual cognitive subjects of the Department and d) the study and promotion of economic relations in combination with the new technologies and the appointment of the role of Greece in Balkan, European and international level".

Location and Campus



Our students have access to the modern computer laboratories which provide seating for 35 and 20 students and are expected to enhance the educating and researching work of the Department itself . These computers allocate an application’s office software, mathematics’ software, statistics and econometrics, and will be used by students during their tutorials. Also, the computers are supplied with software of pilotage in the Internet and electronic post and give the possibility of access in bases economic and financing data (Greek and international, eg Datastream, Effect etc.) and in bases of bibliographic data (eg JSTOR, etc.).