Dimitrios D. Thomakos


Contact Details:

Tel.: 2710-230132

Internal Phone: 1204

Fax: 2710-230139

Email: thomakos@uop.gr
Personal webpage: https://es.uop.gr/thomakos/en/


Department of Economics

School of Management and Economics

University of Peloponnese

Tripolis Campus, 22100, Greece


Research Interests:

Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Applied Financial Economics, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting.


Recent Publications:

Dimitris N. Politis and Dimitrios D. Thomakos “Financial Time Series and Volatility Prediction using NoVaS Transformations”, forthcoming in D. E. Rapach and M. E. Wohar (eds.), Forecasting in the Presence of Parameter Uncertainty and Structural Breaks, Elsevier Publishers, Amsterdam.
Dimitrios D. Thomakos and Monica Escaleras “Relative Price Uncertainty, Political Instability and Private Investment: Evidence from Eight Latin American Economies”, forthcoming to the Review of Development Economics.
Constantina Kottaridi and Dimitrios D. Thomakos “Global FDI Convergence Patterns? Evidence from International Comparisons”, forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Integration.
Dimitrios D. Thomakos, Tao Wang and Jing-Tao Wu “Market Timing and Cap Rotation”, forthcoming in Mathematical and Computer Modeling.
Devashish Mitra, Dimitrios D. Thomakos and Mehmet Ulubasoglu “Focusing on Trade Policy and Ignoring Non-Trade Concessions: Can we Obtain Reliable Parameter Estimates when Protection is for Sale”, forthcoming Canadian Journal of Economics, 2006, vol. 39.

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