Scientific Staff

The faculty and staff of the Department is in the following categories:

* The tenure-track and tenured Faculty (with the Greek acronym DEP): Faculty members have Ph.D. degrees and they are under four categories, in descending order: Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Lecturers. In addition to the tenure track and tenured faculty, there are also visiting faculty members, generally with teaching responsibilities, and whose appointments are governed by the provisions of the Presidential Decree 407/80.

* The Special Laboratory Educational Staff (with the Greek acronym EEDIP): The members of this category perform laboratory and applied educational duties, which largely comprise of the offer and administration of the laboratory and clinical (when applicable) exercises in the fields of application of the sciences supported by the Department.

* The Special Technical Laboratory Staff (with the Greek acronym ETEP): Its members offer support work in the operation of the Department by performing specialized technical services in order to improve the educational and research activities of the Department.

* The Administrative Staff which comprises of employees of all ranks of the Greek public sector hierarchy.